Find Your Man In 5 Easy Steps

How To Find And Keep A Man In 5 Easy Steps

Before you can worry about how to find And keep a man, you have to know who, what, and why. Who is the man you want in your life? what kind of a man do you want in your life? and why do you want that particular type of man in your life ?.

Who Is The Man That You Want In Your Life?

Start by writing down your Non-negotiables:

These are things that you will not compromise on, must-haves.

  • Must be financially stable
  • Well Groomed
  • Adventurous
  • In Great Shape
  • Good Sense of Humor
  • Be Religious

These are just examples, you would fill in what your non-negotiables are, what you will not compromise on.

2nd Don’t be too picky, remember no one is perfect, especially you.

3rd Think about what things you are willing to compromise on, things that aren’t that big of a deal-breaker. In order to find and keep a man.


  • Have hair or no hair
  • Tall or Short
  • Likes to eat out every night or stay in
  • He likes alone time or couple time more

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Why Do You Want That Particular Man In Your Life?

What Are Your Needs, Wants and Desires?

Are Your Faults? what are your expectations?

Can you be everything that you want him to Be?

You have to really, truly look at who you are, then ask yourself, can I expect the man that I want in my life to be all of the things that I can’t be myself. (find and keep a man)

  • You want him to be thoughtful and caring, are you?
  • Want him to be driven and successful, are you?
  • Want him to be able to hang around and bond with your family, can you do that with his family?
  • You want him to be Religious, a God-fearing man, are you Religious and loyal to your Faith?

May have to adjust your mindset and rediscover what you want. In order to find and keep a man.

Now Finally! after you have done all that, I know it’s not as simple as you thought, but nothing worth having ever is, you can begin to make yourself present in the places where you can find your man.

How And Where To Find Your Man In 5 Easy Steps

Where To Find Them:

1) Ask Friends, a really good friend knows you better than anyone, they may have a great person in mind for you, but you have to ask.

2) Clubs, Interest, Hobbies, Passions, Likes etc. Join clubs and groups that have similar interest to yours. You might love to sing or dance, look for a group that dances a few times a week. There are so many groups out there that have an interest for everyone. You just have to look, online is a great place to start.

3) Local Friends Party, if your girlfriend asks you to go to a party, go ahead. Give it a try you never know whom you might meet.

4) Online Dating, I know what you’re thinking not that, yes that if you are strategic, open-minded and non-judgemental you could possibly find a nice guy. Be safe, follow the rules, use your intuition and comment sense and there are many possibilities with a Legitimate online dating service.

5) lastly, A Personal Match Making Service. This may be a little costly but if you want to have a professional one on one sessions with a personal coach and matchmaker, this may be a better route for you then online dating.

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What To Do Once You’ve Found Someone You Like

  • The first couple of dates should be fun, no stress, just two people enjoying each other’s company.
  • Be open-minded and learn your dating style, and his.
  • Step Out of your comfort zone a little bit
  • Be Interesting, talk about your interest, ask him about his
  • Dress Nice, what man doesn’t like a well-dressed woman
  • Don’t come on Too Strong, don’t blurt out, I think I love you after a few dates, or tell him he could be a great father to your kids. Slow down, learn about each other first.
  • See if there is a chemistry between you two.
  • Go on at least two dates with a guy before you write him off.
  • Don’t be too needy and clingy, give him his space and you take some time for yourself, in between dates.
  • Don’t call him every day, several times a day let him breathe. If he wants to chat more often he’ll let you know.
  • Have a life outside of this new relationship, don’t sit waiting by the phone for him to call.

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