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How To Flirt In Personal

So starting of with the word Flirt meaning to Piss Off anyone that may be a Boy or a Girl. Remember if you want to flirt with someone this means that you are attracted to him or her. Moving on further without taking more of your time we will now move on to the main theme of this article.

Believe me this article will help you out a lot as i have experienced these things my self and i never have copied others. If you know you are attracted to someone you then should not be nervous in flirting with him or her.

How To Flirt? Come On, every single person wants to know the tips on how he can flirt better. The reason of this Flirt may be attracting someone towards him or her self.

They may be different kinds of people flirting in different ways. As per my experience there are 2 kinds of ways of flirting.

  1. Flirting Face To Face
  2. While Chatting

Flirt In Personal (Face To Face)

It is not easy flirting with the one you want to attract towards yourself while she is in front of you. I will give you just 7 simple and easy ways of flirting with him or her while he or she is in front of you.

Smile While Around Him/Her

This is probably the main point always bring a smile on your face while around him/her. Talk politely and in a good way so he or she might also like to talk with you in the same way.

  • This also makes her comfortable and in this way you will also be confident enough. Choose topics that you may know will make him or her smile.
  • Give him/her a smile while having an eye contact with them. This will light up whole of your face.

Make Eye Contact

While He/She is around you try to make eye contact with them as much as you can. This is the best way of bringing their attention towards you. Let them think about you, ” Why is He/She Staring At Me Like This?” These type of questions raised in their mind.

  • Gaze at them and just give them a smile while they gaze back and look away. Other ways are just winking at them or moving your eyebrows.

Start Talking To Her

Show your interest towards them by starting talking to him or her, picking up the right time. Don’t say too much in the start otherwise they may not feel good. Start the conversation with a ” Hi “, ask his/her name tell yours keep it short.

  • You may also not tell your name to them and keep it a mystery. They may ask you anytime this makes them feel you are not that interested, which is OK for the meanwhile.

Bring Up The Conversations

This is the step where the main flirtation starts. The more confident and bold you be more the person in front of you will be impressed.

  • Now it’s time to initiate the conversation trying to go near him/her and asking her how is he/she? How’s his/her day been so far? Or starting of with any other topic happening in your daily routines that may be interesting.
  • What this will you make your crush interact with you and the more you interact the more you get closer. And the more you get closer the more you know each other. And the more you know each other the more comfortable and confident you feel.

Don’t Go Too Personal

In the beginning, don’t ask much about him/her personal things. Just keep the conversation to a limit on talking about the environment such as the weather and any other thing.

  • Once you get to know that they are now much comfortable, then move on and ask his/her routine. One day they will be in a good position to ask all that stuff going on your mind surprising you.

Try Touching Her

Taking the right time push him/her while talking to him/her or just touch him/her while calling her. When he/she is passing by your side just come in front of him/her and say it’s by mistake. Believe me, this makes you pop up in their mind and it will definitely attract them towards you.

  • Don’t try to cross limits until and unless you call him/her out. It will take time to get them in a position to go out with you. Just touch him/her slowly and bring a smile while he/she just looks in your eyes.

Call Her Out

Take the moment and make it perfect by realizing she may now go out with you. Just call her out by asking her free times and requesting him/her to give his/her’s some precious time to me.

  • You may take him/her for lunch or ask to take coffee with them. Let them choose this so they may think that his/her choice is more important. Now after all he/her may have understood all your reasons of flirting.

These tips you will help you a lot on how you can flirt in personal as it is my own experience. Try these and share it with your friends.


Next Article

In my next article i will discuss about ways on how you can flirt while chatting and attract anyone you like. This may be the one who you are sexually attracted to.

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