Mistakes That Destroys Romance


Romantic Intimates Beware! Don’t let the same mistakes that destroys romance. suffered by other romantic intimates destroy the romance in your relationship! Romantic intimates enjoy the getting to know each other process. It’s fun, exciting and new. But soon, one of the biggest killers of romance creeps in, quite often unnoticed, and all the romance … Read more Mistakes That Destroys Romance

Understanding In A Relationship

Relationship Love

This is actually similar to the Romance advice given for no. 2) OTHER PEOPLES BELIEFS but the difference here is when friends/family are comparing your man to other people. Here comes the understanding in the relationship you are in. Now, this might not always be a bad thing, and the comparisons might even be very … Read more Understanding In A Relationship

How To Be A Good Girl Friend


Be A Part Of Your Boyfriend’s Gang It is natural that after going out for a couple of weeks, a man wants to introduce his girlfriend for the first time to his friends. This meeting can be a bit scary for you since there are many expectations involved. And there are often expectations that a … Read more How To Be A Good Girl Friend