What is Pepega?

Pepega (pronounced peh-peyguh) is yet one of the another emote best and creative emote developed by distorting the original frog the pepe which is meant to express the idea that something is foolish and something is stupid it is normally accompanied by slang pejorative to express that a person with disability or mentality.
Pepega is a distorted picture or image of frog Pepe while the history of this pepe or frog is too long so it will be really hard and really tough to cover it here so you really do not need to know how to use it and where to use pepega. Online this emote is posted on twitch chats and live streamings as the r/foreseen subreddits.
The first usage of pepega was on April 8th or 9th, 2018. In a conversation, the user Adew has poted the first known emote of pepega so it is proved that the emote pepega first appeared from the attempt and conversation of Adew’s chat if on social media somewhere someone is making stupidity and doing foolish things you can send him/her this pepega emote to make him feel like stupid isn’t it funny?
What is Poggers and where did it come from?
Poggers is the name of that emote “pepe the frog” for some reason.
I just learned that pogger is a good video game player it can refer to a great play and this is what my friend told me that he and his all of friends are all poggers.
Many people use pepega it always means the same thing that there is someone making a mistake or rather someone is doing a foolish activity that the person is physically and mentally handicapped pepega is often spammed in chats when a game streamer on youtube or Facebook does something wrong foolish or embarrassing, like missing some easy kills there it is a favorite emote to troll those streamers throughout this pepega or pepe emote.
Not only on live events or streams I have watched thousands of memes that carried a message that the member has used pepe emote to troll the person who caught while performing a foolish activity. moreover, this emote is a great sign of relief it is the best thing to troll someone with. Nowadays the emote of pepega is used in making memes it is a great sign of spreading positivity and making people laugh.

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